Published On:
November 20, 2020

5 Tips to Help You Iron Better

With offices slowly opening, it means it is time to break out our crisp office wear again - shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and maybe even a blazer or two. Your office clothes may have been languishing in your closet for the past few months, but wearing them means one thing that many dread - ironing! 

Ironing does not have to be a hit-and-miss, or a frequent chore. If you’re not sure that you’re ironing correctly, we share some simple tips below that will transform your ironing. 

Ironing does not need to be challenging.

1. Check the base of the iron

If there are stains on the iron base, it’s going to get onto your favourite clothes too, and on high temperatures, no less. Before turning on the electricity, make sure the base of the iron is clean. If there are stains, remove stains with a wet cloth and gentle scrubbing.

Dirty iron bases can cause more stains in your clothes.

2. Dispose of water in the iron after ironing

Leftover water in your iron can cause calcium build up in the water container, which translates to stains on your clothes as the calcium is expelled by the iron. Most modern irons come with a descaling function, so remember to descale the iron once in awhile to ensure that no stains will translate onto the iron. 

3.Check for stains on your clothes before ironing 

If you run a hot iron over a stain in your clothes, the stain will fix onto your clothes and be much harder to wash off. It is essential to check for any lingering stains that may not have been washed off yet, before ironing.

4. Do not iron in a circular motion. 

Do you pay attention to your ironing motion? Ironing in circles can stretch out your clothes and damage them over the long run, although ironing in circular motions may feel faster. Instead, use a left to right, long straight motion to preserve the integrity of the fabric and create the best creases. 

5. Turn your clothes inside out 

To protect fragile fabrics and keep the outside of your clothes looking great, turn your clothes inside out before ironing. This ensures that the exterior of your clothes stay pristine. Even if accidents happen, it will be less visible.

Be careful not to burn the exterior of your clothes!

Nothing feels better than crisp, freshly pressed office wear as you are returning to work. But if all this is too much to remember, let our professional trained housekeepers do the ironing for you as an add-on to your housekeeping service. Relax and have a peace of mind as they clean up your house and iron your clothes. Book and schedule your professional housekeeping service easily on our online booking system here.