Professional Home Moving

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Professional Home Moving

Make your home move stress-free with Nimbus Home Movers. Moving homes can be overwhelming but we are here to change that. Our moving team is committed to providing you a hassle-free moving experience. From supplying sturdy moving boxes to using protective wrapping, we take every precaution to ensure the safe delivery of your furniture and belongings to your new place.

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Locally Recognised
Professionals at your service

Quality Service by Supervisor-led Team

At Nimbus, each moving service is led by a supervisor with a team of trained and qualified personnel. Our workers are all employed in compliance with MOM regulations and properly insured. To maintain full control of our service quality, we do not engage in freelancers or subcontractors. This ensures a quality, reliable and trustworthy home moving service every time, no matter the size of your home.

Comprehensive Service

Move Everything With No Hidden Charges

We provide everything to make your move simple and effortless. Don't worry about finding containers to pack your belongings, we will deliver sturdy moving boxes before the actual move day.

Thrown away your TV box? Don't worry, we will wrap a protective layer around household appliances and furniture to avoid accidental damage.

We do not charge extra for manpower. Our moving team will do all the loading and unloading on your behalf. Just stand back and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Moving Boxes
Protective Wrapping
Moving On The Right Foot

The Right Vehicle For The Job

Not only do we have the right people, but we also have the right vehicle for the job. Our 14 ft lorry can carry a single load of up to 3,000 kg (3 tonnes).

A single trip can approximately carry all the essential furniture of a typical small household, including washing machine, fridge, dining table set, sofa set, beds and mattresses and your personal belongings.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions, Big or Small

If you can't find a space in your new home, store your items with Nimbus Homes. We offer storage solutions in our secure warehouse, whether they are large pieces of furniture, or small boxes of items.

Secure locked warehouse
24 hours CCTV surveillance
Itemised inventory lists
Nimbus Homes Moving Service includes the following:


Application of move-in or move-out permit (if necessary)


Delivery of packaging materials to you (deposit required, fully refundable)


Professional packing and unpacking assistance, padding and protection for specialty and fragile objects


Furniture dismantling and/or reassembly


Collection and deposit refund of packing materials


Optional long term storage


Trusted Professionals

Our crew are all employed and certified in accordance to the law.

Secure Online Payment

All card payments are secured by Stripe Payments.

Dedicated Support

Our support team will assist on all your needs, from booking to post service support. (Mon-Sun, From 9am - 6pm)

Cleaning Supplies Provided

Professional graded cleaning supplies provided. Simply provide vacuum & mop and we will settle the rest

14 ft lorry: 1 Load
Suitable for 1-2 bedroom HDB or condo.
4 hours

- Application of Move in and Move out permit
- Delivery of Packing Materials
- Moving of Furniture and Special Items
- Protective Wrapping to Prevent Damage
- Dismantling and Assembly

Request Site Visit
For larger homes, request a site visit to get a more accurate quotation
Price upon quotation

- Application of Move in and Move out permit
- Delivery of Packing Materials
- Moving of Furniture and Special Items
- Protective Wrapping to Prevent Damage
- Dismantling and Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding tools, insurance, workforce and our general operations

What furniture can be dismantled and reassembled during moving?

If there is sufficient space, our movers may not dismantle any furniture during the move.

To maximise the carry capacity of a single trip, our movers may dismantle furniture such as bed frames and tables, and reassemble them at the destination. Depending on how difficult it is to reassemble, not all furniture can be dismantled to save space.

Will your movers pack my personal belongings?

Our movers will provide you the moving boxes before the actual move day for your packing needs. You can use these boxes to pack your personal items and loose items.

On the actual move day, our movers will help you load and unload these moving boxes, furniture and appliances. If needed, our movers will wrap furniture or appliances in protective wrapping to prevent accidental damage. To ensure that the move can be completed in time, all loose items should be packed into the moving boxes before move day.

When will I receive the moving boxes for packing?

Upon confirmation of the moving date, our team will deliver the moving boxes at next available delivery slot.

To ensure adequate time for packing, please book and confirm your move date in advance.

How much can fit in a 14 ft lorry in a single trip?

A 14 ft lorry can carry up to 3-tonnes (3,000 kg) and the maximum cargo size of 14' x 7.2' x 7'.

A single trip can approximately carry:

- 2 x Queen bed frames and mattresses (disassembled)
- 1 x washing machine
- 1 x fridge
- 1 x dining table set
- 1 x 3-seater sofa set
- 1 x wardrobe
- 1 x cabinet

Depending on the size of the furniture, number of personal item boxes, and whether they are disassembled, more furniture items can fit into the cargo space.

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