Professional House Cleaning

Part of maintaining a comfortable and hygienic living space is the tedious task of daily chores. While we all know the importance of daily cleaning to minimise dirt, dust, and debris at home, it can feel overwhelming to think about when you are already juggling your work, family, and social lives


Professional Airbnb Management and Cleaning

Earn the benefits of Airbnb revenue without the hassle. Our Professional Airbnb Managers will closely manage your property and bookings to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Need a deep clean before embarking on your Airbnb journey? Check out our End-of-Lease cleaning service to start on a clean slate.

Maximise Earning Potential

Maximise Your Property's Earning Potential With Nimbus

If you have a vacant room or property, you are missing out on a potential income stream. Your property can be earning you money, instead of costing you.

With Nimbus, we help you maximise your property's earning potential with a passive income stream from short-stay rentals, such as Airbnb.

Higher returns. Depending on the location, season and condition, returns can be 2x to 3x higher compared to traditional rentals
Flexibility of use. Want to use it as an occasional guest house for family gatherings? You can still retain use of your property while earning a return for the rest of the year.
Hassle Free. Don't worry about the bookings, operations and cleaning. Our five-star rated Airbnb host will ensure a perfect guest experience to optimise your earning. Just hand over the keys and let us handle the rest.
Win-Win. Unlike traditional property managers, we want your property to succeed with us. To achieve this, we operate on a profit-share basis, instead of a charging a flat management fee.
Our 5-Stars Airbnb Experience

Create An Excellent Guest Experience With Nimbus

Every great guest experience starts with an excellent host and property. We will transform your property into the perfect guest home, while our 5-star rated host will ensure a smooth guest experience from start to end.

As cleaning specialists, we also offer an Airbnb-specific cleaning service that includes:

Bed-making & Bedsheet Changing
Dishwashing (Including loading of dishwasher)
Kitchen Cleaning (including appliance exterior)
Bathroom Cleaning
Dusting of Windows, Furnitures, Bed Frames and Shelvings
Mopping, Sweeping/ Vacuuming
Reset Furnishing Placement
Clearing of Trash

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Trusted Professionals

Our crew are all employed and certified in accordance to the law.

Secure Online Payment

All card payments are secured by Stripe Payments.

Dedicated Support

Our support team will assist on all your needs, from booking to post service support. (Mon-Sun, From 9am - 6pm)

Cleaning Supplies Provided

Professional graded cleaning supplies provided. Simply provide vacuum & mop and we will settle the rest

Onboarding For Airbnb Management
Book an obligation-free onboarding session with us for our full-service Airbnb Management service. Our Account Manager will walk you through the different options and customise a solution for your property.  
1 hour

Our full scope of service includes
- Furnishing and Staging The Property For Maximum Appeal
- Marketing And Optimising Property Listing
- Managing Bookings And Guest Communications
- Cleaning and Maintaining  Property
- Managing Property Access 
- Providing Monthly Property Audit Reports

Onboarding For Airbnb Cleaning Only
Book an obligation-free onboarding session with us for our Airbnb Cleaning service. Our Account Manager will walk you through the different options and customise a solution for your property.  

This is suitable if you are looking for a cleaning solution for your Airbnb(s).
0.5 hour

Basic Airbnb cleaning scope includes the below. You may customise the service to your needs with our Account Manager during the onboarding session.

- Bed-making & Bedsheet Changing
- Dishwashing (including loading of dishwasher)
- Full Bathroom Cleaning
- Kitchen Cleaning (Including appliance exterior)
- Dusting of Windows, Furnitures, Bed Frames and Shelvings
- Mopping, Sweeping & Vacuuming
- Clearing of Trash

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding tools, insurance, workforce and our general operations

Can you handle same-day turnovers and last-minute bookings?

Our team is equipped to handle same-day turnovers and last-minute bookings. We understand the dynamic nature of Airbnb rentals and strive to provide quick and efficient cleaning services to meet your hosting needs.

We will adjust the cleaning frequency depending on your booking schedule. Our cleaning turnovers between guests will ensure your property is consistently clean and welcoming.

What services does your Airbnb management include?

Our Airbnb management services encompass a range of tasks, including property cleaning, guest communication, key exchange, restocking essentials, and ensuring a seamless experience for both hosts and guests.

The goal of our Nimbus Airbnb Management Service is ensure a seamless process from start to end to minimise hassle and maximise return

Can the assigned crew speak English?

They will be able to understand and converse in basic conversational English.

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