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Can you handle same-day turnovers and last-minute bookings?

Our team is equipped to handle same-day turnovers and last-minute bookings. We understand the dynamic nature of Airbnb rentals and strive to provide quick and efficient cleaning services to meet your hosting needs.

We will adjust the cleaning frequency depending on your booking schedule. Our cleaning turnovers between guests will ensure your property is consistently clean and welcoming.

What services does your Airbnb management include?

Our Airbnb management services encompass a range of tasks, including property cleaning, guest communication, key exchange, restocking essentials, and ensuring a seamless experience for both hosts and guests.

The goal of our Nimbus Airbnb Management Service is ensure a seamless process from start to end to minimise hassle and maximise return

Can the assigned crew speak English?

They will be able to understand and converse in basic conversational English.

What happens if there are damages or issues found during the cleaning?

If our team discovers any damages or issues during the cleaning, we will promptly inform you. Depending on the situation, we can either address minor issues on the spot or recommend further action. We prioritize open communication to ensure a smooth end of lease cleaning experience.

Do I need to provide cleaning equipment and supplies?

No, our professional cleaners come fully equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment. You don't have to worry about providing anything for the cleaning process.

Do I need to be present during the end of lease cleaning?

During the cleaning process, it's not mandatory for you to be present.

However, we recommend that you be present during the start and end of process if possible. This allows us to discuss any specific requirements, access issues, or areas of focus directly with you.

How much does your end of lease cleaning service cost?

The cost depends on factors such as the size of the property, its condition, and specific cleaning requirements. We offer transparent pricing, and our team can provide a customized quote based on your needs.

For apartments that fall within our fixed price criteria (within the specified floor area), we offer immediate price quotation and booking via our online booking system

For larger apartments or houses, our quotations are free, customised and obligation-free

What is end of lease cleaning, and why is it necessary?

End of lease cleaning, also known as bond cleaning, is a thorough cleaning process performed before moving out of a rental property. It ensures that the property meets the standards set by the landlord or property manager, allowing you to have your bond returned.

When you choose end of lease cleaning with Nimbus, we offer a 72 hour bond guarantee.

Do you provide bond guarantee?

Yes, for our end-of-lease cleaning, we provide a 72-hour bond guarantee. During this period, we will rectify any cleaning necessary to help you obtain your bond release.

Cleaning rectifications will be limited to what may be cleaned using standard cleaning materials and does not include any rectifications that require handyman services. For example, we can clean surface marks off the wall but we will not be able to fill in any dents or deep scratches.

Can the assigned crew speak English?

They will be able to understand and converse in basic conversational English.

How long does it take for carpets and upholstery to dry after cleaning?

Drying times vary based on factors such as humidity, ventilation, and the cleaning method used. Typically, carpets may take a few hours to a day to dry, while upholstery may require a shorter drying period.

What is the importance of professional carpet and upholstery cleaning?

Professional cleaning helps remove embedded dirt, allergens, and stains that regular vacuuming or DIY methods may not address. It extends the lifespan of your carpets and upholstery, improves indoor air quality, and enhances the overall appearance of your home or office.

Generally, it's recommended to have carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Can the assigned crew speak English?

They will be able to understand and converse in basic conversational English.

Can you help me to remove (coffee/food/etc) stains?

We will try our best to remove or lighten stains. However, depending on the nature of the stain, the length of time and the deepness of the stain, we may not be able to remove it completely.

Is the decluttering and organising process confidential?

Absolutely, we respect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality. Our team understands the sensitive nature of decluttering, and we prioritise creating a trusting and discreet relationship with our clients.

Do you offer maintenance services after the initial decluttering and organising process?

Yes, we offer maintenance services to help you sustain the organized and clutter-free environment. This can include periodic check-ins, follow-up sessions, or customized plans to ensure the long-term success of your organized spaces.

Can you work with hoarding situations or extreme clutter?

Yes, our team is experienced in handling a variety of decluttering situations, including hoarding. We approach each project with sensitivity, compassion, and a commitment to creating a safe and organized living environment.

In such cases, we also recommend our deep cleaning service to complement our decluttering service.

Can you help with the disposal of items during the decluttering process?

Yes, we can assist in sorting and categorizing items for donation, recycling, or disposal. We prioritize environmentally friendly practices and can coordinate with local charities or recycling centers to ensure responsible disposal.

Do I need to purchase organising supplies, or will you provide them?

We can provide guidance on suitable organising supplies based on your needs and budget. If you prefer, we can also purchase and bring the necessary organising tools, containers, and storage solutions as part of our service.

Do I need to be present during the decluttering and organising process?

While it's not mandatory for you to be present, your input can be valuable in understanding your preferences and priorities. If you're unable to be present, we can work with you remotely through virtual consultations to ensure we meet your expectations.

How can decluttering and organising improve my living space?

Decluttering and organizing can enhance the overall functionality of your space, reduce stress, and create a more visually appealing and comfortable environment. It helps you maximize storage, minimise distractions, and improve the overall flow of your home or office.

This means less time spent looking for misplaced items, better efficiency and most importantly, a clearer mind space to do the things that matter to you

What is decluttering and organising, and how does it differ from regular cleaning?

Decluttering and organising involve systematically arranging and simplifying your living spaces to enhance functionality and reduce visual chaos. While cleaning focuses on removing dirt and grime, decluttering aims to create a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Can the assigned crew speak English?

They will be able to understand and converse in basic conversational English.

I just want to organise. Will you throw away my items without my knowledge?

Our Professional Organiser will organise every space and make it as efficient as possible.

While decluttering will greatly improve the efficiency of your space, we can also organise without throwing any items.

Before discarding any items, we will always check with you first. This is why your involvement during the decluttering portion of the session is crucial.

How much tidying can be done in 3 hours?

The amount of decluttering and organising that can be done is dependent on you. Some people can decide quickly and will be able to declutter and organise a whole wardrobe in 2 hours, some take 3 hours.

Your involvement is necessary during the decluttering portion. Otherwise, you are free to do other tasks or join in and improve your tidying skills by sorting, categorising and organising with our Professional Organiser

I want to declutter my whole house. What do you recommend?

Decluttering and tidying can be a time consuming process, especially if you are attached to your belongings.

We recommend you start with a single problematic area like your wardrobe or cabinets. Try out our 3-hour service and see how much you achieve in a single session. Alternatively, choose our 5 hour service to declutter a whole room at a time.

For larger projects, please request for a site assessment so that we can recommend you the best plan of action

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