House Moving Service in Singapore

Nimbus Homes provides professional moving services to make your relocation easier. Our experienced team carefully handles things of all sizes, giving same-day, high-quality delivery of your belongings. We're also one of the few moving companies with in-house professional house cleaners in Singapore, which you may opt to add on a Move-In / Move-Out cleaning and get 15% off of these services


House Moving Service in Singapore

Nimbus Homes provides professional moving services to make your relocation easier. Our experienced team carefully handles things of all sizes, giving same-day, high-quality delivery of your belongings. We're also one of the few moving companies with in-house professional house cleaners in Singapore, which you may opt to add on a Move-In / Move-Out cleaning and get 15% off of these services

Locally Recognised

Why Nimbus Homes

For years, we at Nimbus Homes have been fostering trust and reliability, providing top-notch services and above-industry business practices. We're committed to providing all your home care needs, from moving in and out of your houses to providing high-quality professional cleaning services.

Professionals at your service

Quality Service

At Nimbus Homes, we pride ourselves on being the only moving company that does not engage with freelancers or subcontractors, which emphasises our commitment to trustworthy and reliable moving services. Our teams are made up of well-trained personnel led by a qualified supervisor who ensures the quality of our work.

We also operate within the standards set by the Singaporean government, that our workers are all employed with full insurance coverage and compliant with MOM regulations. Moreover, our international clients need not worry as our crew can converse in basic English.

Transparent Prices & Processes

No Hidden Charges

We're a professional house mover who provides the essentials to ensure our clients have a stress-free moving experience. Our years of experience allow us to know what our clients need, whether they're moving into condominiums or landed property.

From highly-trained and efficient manpower to sturdy packaging materials made of high-quality boxed cartons and protective wrapping, our home moving services are complete and provide value for money. We also don't charge extra for manpower required for moving furniture and bulky items and for furniture assembly.

Moving Boxes
Protective Wrapping
Moving On The Right Foot

Best House Movers With the Best Vehicles

Not only do we have the right people, but we also have the right vehicle for the job. You don't need to choose either a van or a lorry, as we'll automatically provide a 14-ft lorry that can carry a single load of up to 3,000 kg (3 tonnes) as an inclusion to our services.

With our 14-ft lorry, a single trip can carry approximately all the essential furnishing pieces of a typical small household, including a washing machine, fridge, dining table set, sofa set, beds and mattresses, and personal belongings.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions, Big or Small

If you can't find a space in your new home, store your items with Nimbus Homes. We offer storage solutions in our secure warehouse, whether they are large pieces of furniture or small boxes of items.

Secure locked warehouse
24 hours CCTV surveillance
Itemised inventory lists

Nimbus Homes Moving Service includes the following:


Delivery of Packing Supplies

Upon booking your preferred moving date, Nimbus will deliver the materials necessary to pack the items you'll be moving to your new home. Our packing items are of premium quality, made of sturdy cardboard and protective wrapping. Note, though, that we will require a fully refundable deposit upon its delivery.


Professional Packing and Unpacking Assistance

If there's enough space in the lorry, our crew members don't dismantle the household items as much as possible. However, if more space is needed and should be saved, we also dismantle and assemble your priced furniture precisely.

We can also help with other ad-hoc tasks to help make the whole moving process as seamless as possible, including handyman services such as installing or uninstalling light fixtures and addressing minor repairs.


Moving of Furniture and Special Items

We take extra care of the things that you value. Fragile materials are ensured to be safely delivered to your new homes, as we provide protective wrapping and padding to prevent damage, and we also handle these with care.


Collection of Packing Materials and Deposit Refund

Once the moving service is completed, we will collect the packing materials used so you do not need to dispose of them, and a refund of your deposit will be processed, ensuring that the entire move is hassle-free.


Optional Disposal and Storage Services

At Nimbus Homes, we also provide our clients with short-term or long-term storage solutions, where you can rely on our secure warehouse and storage facilities to safeguard your belongings, from small boxes of items to larger pieces of furniture. We can also assist with disposal services in case you want to free up more storage space.


Trusted Professionals

Our crew are all employed and certified in accordance to the law.

Secure Online Payment

All card payments are secured by Stripe Payments.

Dedicated Support

Our support team will assist on all your needs, from booking to post service support. (Mon-Sun, From 9am - 6pm)

Cleaning Supplies Provided

Professional graded cleaning supplies provided. Simply provide vacuum & mop and we will settle the rest

Request Site Visit
For larger homes, request a site visit to get a more accurate quotation
Price upon quotation

- Delivery of Packing Materials
- Moving of Furniture and Special Items
- Protective Wrapping to Prevent Damage
- Dismantling and Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions regarding tools, insurance, workforce and our general operations

How much can fit in a 14 ft lorry in a single trip?

A 14 ft lorry can carry up to 3 tonnes (3,000 kg) and a maximum cargo size of 14' x 7.2' x 7'.

A single trip can approximately carry:

  • 2 x Queen bed frames and mattresses (disassembled)
  • 1 x washing machine
  • 1 x fridge
  • 1 x dining table set
  • 1 x 3-seater sofa set
  • 1 x wardrobe
  • 1 x cabinet

Depending on the size of the furniture, the number of personal item boxes, and whether they are disassembled, more household items can fit into the cargo space.

When will I receive the moving boxes for packing?

Upon confirmation of the moving date, our team will deliver the boxes at the next available delivery slot. To ensure adequate time for packing, please book and confirm your move date in advance.

Will your movers pack my personal belongings?

Our movers will provide the moving boxes before the actual move day for your packing needs. You can use these boxes to pack your items and loose items.

Our movers will help you load and unload these moving boxes, furniture and appliances on the actual move day. If needed, our movers will wrap housewares or appliances in protective wrapping to prevent accidental damage. All loose items should be packed into the moving boxes before move day to ensure that the move can be completed in time.

What furniture can be dismantled and reassembled during moving?

If there is sufficient space, our movers may not dismantle any furniture during the move.

To maximise the carrying capacity of a single trip, our movers may dismantle furnishings such as bed frames and tables and reassemble them at the destination. Depending on how difficult it is to reassemble, not all furniture can be dismantled to save space.

Is home moving services in Singapore expensive?

At Nimbus Homes, we're committed to providing the best house-moving service at a reasonable price. We ensure that our clients get the most out of what they paid for through our complete service with no hidden charges. We also provide discounts for solutions that our clients may opt to have as an add-on, such as move-in cleaning in Singapore, which we give at 15% off when added to our home-moving services.

Which is better: hiring house movers or moving house on your own by renting a truck?

At first glance, it may seem that renting a truck is cheaper compared to hiring professional movers in Singapore. However, what you pay for in hiring cheap movers is the fuss-free moving experience, where you sit back and relax and expect the movers to do your work within the same day, compared to days of hassle on your end when you move your house on your own.

How can fragile items be safe?

At Nimbus Homes, we provide high-quality carton boxes and protective wrapping to ensure the secure transport of your goods. Our trained staff also handles these fragile materials with utmost care. Just make sure to let us know of the delicate items within your home so we'll be able to prepare the necessary packing items.

How can you ensure outstanding business excellence?

At Nimbus Homes, we offer holistic house-moving services where we care not just for our clients and workers but also for the environment. We operate with above-industry quality standards, ensuring compliance with government agencies' mandates and transparency with our price quotation, in which we provide the proper breakdown of the items and services we charge our clients. We also do our part in saving the environment by ensuring the proper waste disposal of our packing items.

How do I file a claim with Nimbus for damages incurred during the service?

We strive to ensure that all our customers' belongings are protected during our service. However, if any items are damaged as a direct result of our service, we commit to providing fair compensation.

To file a claim, please contact us within 24 hours of the completed service with evidence of the damage and proof that it was caused by our service. Once the claim is verified, you have two options for repair or replacement:

  1. Engage a third-party service provider: Send us the quotation before proceeding. Nimbus must agree to the quotation for the claim to be valid.
  2. Request Nimbus to handle the repairs if applicable

For items that cannot be repaired or replaced, please provide a receipt or proof of cost to validate the claim.

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