Published On:
November 9, 2021

5 reasons why you should hire Regular housekeeping services

Everybody wants a house that is spick and span, but we do not have the time or energy to turn that want into reality. So, we end up procrastinating, and the chores pile up.

However, fret not, as there are several Professional House Cleaning Services in Singapore that meet the needs of working professionals.

We have listed some of the top 5 benefits of hiring a part-time maid and arranging regular house cleaning services for your consideration below. 

  1. Save time

Most of us are working professionals. We can spend time doing other things instead of doing housework during our free time. For example, engage in some R&R or be more productive at work.

  1. Usually cheaper compared to full-time helpers.

There is generally more cost involved in engaging a full-time maid. Employers would be required to pay monthly salaries and levies. They would also add on to the cost of utilities at home. Most regular house cleaning services do not have any hidden charges or service fees. 

  1. Variety of services

Most housekeeping service providers train their maids to be highly competent in various cleaning services, from pre-post moving cleaning to essential household maintenance tasks such as fridge cleaning, mopping, and sweeping.

  1. Cleaning supplies provided

Cleaning equipment is usually provided - making it more cost-efficient for people who require urgent cleaning services. However, most service providers exclude mops, toilet brushes and brooms due to sanitary purposes.

  1. More Privacy

For people new to having a full-time maid in their house, it can feel a little awkward as there is a new person in your private space. However, everyone at home would need to adapt to the changes (The maid included). People who prefer to have just their loved ones at home most of the time would like someone who comes in just to help out with the chores and leave straight after so that they still get to choose when they need their privacy. 

We are spending more time indoors now than ever before, and a clean home is essential to our well-being. However, not all of us have time to keep our house spotless. A part-time maid would help us solve this problem - allowing us to save precious time and energy. 

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