Published On:
April 20, 2022

7 Easy Ways to save Electricity in 2022

By now, most of us are aware that utility bills have skyrocketed, mainly due to the increase in cost of electricity. Due to recent political events, the price of commodities, especially oil and natural gas have risen to new highs. As electricity is generated from oil and natural gas, this has caused the cost of electricity to rise dramatically.

Although it's always a good idea to cut down on electricity use, especially electricity wastage, it's never a better time than now to put in place good habits that help us to save the environment, and save our wallet. It's no secret that doing the household chores is a time-consuming task. But what you may not know is that it's also an energy-consuming task. From running the dishwasher to drying your clothes in the dryer, there are plenty of ways to use up electricity and rack up your utility bill. But saving electricity doesn't mean we have to give up on hot showers, or go back to the stone age and do household chores by hand. But did you know that there are ways to save electricity at home without having to do all the work yourself?

Saving electricity does not mean having to live in darkness

1. Run full loads of laundry

Laundry is one of the least fun things to do, we know. Ensure that you only run the laundry when you can fill up the washing machine, which reduces the number of loads the washing machine runs and consequently, the electricity it consumes, even if this means having to deal with a larger pile of clothes at one go.

You can also hand wash delicates like undergarments or clothes with delicate materials like satin and lace. This also helps to preserve your clothing items for longer, and saves electricity!

2. Hang your clothes to dry

Sometimes, we throw our damp clothes from the washing machine straight into the dryer. It's definitely convenient, but did you know that the dryer consumes up to 6 times as much electricity as the washing machine? In the hot and humid weather of Singapore, it is much cheaper to hang your clothes to dry. Take a little more effort to hang clothes on hangers and hook them up to air dry.

Hate doing piles of laundry? Let our housekeepers take the load off your mind (literally). Our housekeepers can tackle your laundry as part of your housekeeping, and help you to hang clothes to dry and even fold them afterwards. Take a look at some of our popular housekeeping sessions here.

Laundry isn't fun, but we can make it less torturous.

3. Use the microwave instead of the oven

The microwave is probably one of the greatest conveniences in the kitchen. But did you know it's also very efficient, especially compared to more traditional appliances like ovens? Since ovens work by heating up the inside of the oven to a very high temprerature, this takes a lot of electricity. However, microwaves work by directly exciting the molecules of food, so they are a lot more energy efficient. Nowadays, many models of microwaves have multi-functions and are able to defrost and cook food too.

If your microwave, oven or other appliances have not been used for awhile, our housekeepers can assist to clean the interior of these appliances thoroughly for you to start using them. Choose 'Interior kitchen appliances cleaning' as an add on while booking our housekeeping session.

The microwave is a great alternative to ovens.

4. Use fan instead of aircon

Fans are a great alternative to aircon as they use 10 times less electricity than aircons! Just like aircons, fans should be maintained every so often to prevent build up of dust on their blades which can lower their efficiency. Plus, nobody wants to have dust blown all over your house! 

Our housekeepers are able to clean fan blades to remove dust build up and to increase their efficiency, to keep you cool. Just drop our concierge team a message

If your fan looks like this, we can give it a good clean before you start using it.

5. Reduce use of hairdryer

Going to sleep with wet hair can be an unpleasant experience. However, the hair dryer consumes a significant amount of energy as well, for those of us with long hair especially. Shower a little earlier, or towel dry a bit more thoroughly to reduce the use of hairdryer. Your hair might be healthier as well with reduced heat damage! 

6. Keep your refrigerator clean

We don't often clean the insides of our refrigerator. But residue and leakages from food can build up. Another common problem is the build up of ice around the cooling vents in the fridge. These all will reduce the cooling power of the fridge and waste more electricity. Our housekeepers can clean the inside of the fridge to remove all the grime and ice to keep your fridge working at it's best capacity.

Plus, too much dust build up on the back of the refrigerator can cause heat build up in the compressor, leading to decreased efficiency as well. A good deep cleaning of these usually undisturbed areas can help to solve the problem.

Accumulated debris can reduce the efficiency of your fridge

7. Keep your windows dust free to reduce heat trapping

Do your window panes and grills have accumulated dust? Dust traps heat, and can make rooms hotter by reducing the dissipation of heat. If you have no time to get rid of all those pesky dust on your window panes, our housekeepers are equipped with special microfibre cloths that cleans glass easily, and glass cleaning solutions that eliminate even the most stubborn of dirt.

Dusty windows = a warm house! Get rid of dust to cool down your house more easily

Besides, other than just saving electricity, when you outsource your cleaning to a professional home cleaning company, you're also freeing up time to focus on the things that matter most to you. Whether it's spending time with your family, working on a side project, or simply taking some time for yourself, outsourcing your cleaning will give you back the time you need to live a fuller life.

Housekeeping can save you a lot of time and money in the long run by increasing efficiency of things that use up the most electricity, like laundry and aircons. Not only will you be saving on your energy bill, but you'll also be freeing up more time to spend on the things that matter most to you. So why not give it a try? The sooner you do, the sooner you'll start seeing the benefits. Take a look at our housekeeping packages here.