Published On:
January 11, 2022

Auspicious Spring Cleaning Dates for Lunar New Year 2022

Out with the old, in with the new. For many, both the New Year and the Lunar New Year is associated with spring cleaning to welcome the new year with a fresh start. Unfortunately, our homes accumulate dust fairly quickly. As the Chinese characters “chen” [尘 ] and “chen” [陈] – meaning ‘dust’ and ‘old’ respectively – are homophonic, the act of removing dust is seen as a willingness to remove the old.

Mopping forgotten corners to remove dust

Many probably dread the process of spring cleaning. Not only do we dispose of old or unwanted objects, we also need to clean storage areas or corners that we have forgotten about. Some difficult tasks that we keep putting off also need to be done, such as cleaning greasy kitchen hoods or toilet floors. Another dreaded task is to wash and change all bedsheets and linen in the house. If you require assistance, our professionally trained housekeepers can help you with these tasks while you focus on decluttering and decorating the house. 

Our housekeepers can assist in changing bedlinen during spring cleaning

It is inauspicious to spring clean during the first to fifth day of the first lunar month, as it is seen to be cleaning away luck for the new year. Instead, spring cleaning should ideally be done before Lunar New Year, in order to prepare your house for visitors as well. 

There are several dates before the Lunar New Year that are seen as auspicious to spring clean on. If you believe in fengshui, consider consulting the below table for the best chance of an auspicious, smooth sailing year ahead. However, do take note of your zodiac sign, and ensure that the date you choose does not have your zodiac as a conflicting sign.

Auspicious cleaning dates and their conflicting zodiac signs

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