Published On:
January 26, 2022

Deep Cleaning: Before and After

Regular cleaning is sufficient for day to day maintenance and cleanliness of your house, but certain areas of the house build up grime over time. They may be hidden in less visible areas, such as the inside of your cupboards, behind and under furniture, and in hard to reach areas such as window grills. As regular housekeeping focuses more on daily chores such as vacuuming, mopping, dishwashing and laundry, these hard to clean areas may be overlooked.

This was the situation in which our client found herself in. Their family had spent 6 years living in the house without any deep cleaning done. Although the general areas of the house looked clean, there were many areas in need of a deep clean.

One commonly neglected area is inside of cupboards. Over time, especially in areas like kitchens where grease is present, dirt and greasy residue can build up. To ensure that we remove all residue, our cleaning crew painstakingly remove items stored in the cupboard, clean it, and place the items back. After cleaning, the cupboards are white again, and will not contaminate whatever items placed in them.

Internal cupboard cleaning, before and after

Internal cupboard cleaning, before and after

Another area commonly neglected are the tops of cupboards, especially because they are hard to reach. Luckily, our deep cleaning crew bring along ladders and other tools to reach tall areas. The top of this cupboard is covered in sticky grime and dust. Our crew used a good amount of elbow grease in order to reveal the white cupboard top below. Even the tops of cupboard doors are wiped clean.

To the best of their ability, our cleaning crew will remove stains on walls, floors and furniture. The crew also brings along different types of chemical solvents to find the most effective combination to remove stains on different surfaces. These cupboard doors had pencil marks and other grey stains. After cleaning, they were restored to their initial white state.

Before and After deep cleaning

The pictures above shows the results of 6 years without deep cleaning, versus after just one round of deep cleaning. Even if your house seems clean on a day to day basis, chances are that there are many areas which accumulate grime that aren't cleaned often. A yearly deep clean can transform your house into a much cleaner, fresher space! 

If you require help from our professional crew with deep cleaning, we have more information on our Deep Cleaning page.