Published On:
August 8, 2022

From Kitchen to Bathroom: What Cleaning Products to Use Where

There's a science to cleaning–or at least, a methodical approach that makes sure you're getting the job done right. Different parts of your house require different cleaning products and techniques, and if you're not using the right supplies in the right place, you're not going to get the results you want.

In this post, we'll outline the basic cleaning products you need for every room in your house, and tell you which ones to use for kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, and everything in between.


In the kitchen, you'll want to have a few different types of cleaning products on hand. Oil and grease stains occur naturally after cooking and with each passing day, become harder and tougher to remove!  That’s why a kitchen degreaser is essential in removing deep oil stains. All-purpose cleaners work great for general cleaning of countertops and surfaces, and a good dishwashing liquid will clear up those dirty dishes and greasy sinks.

If your kitchen looks like this, it's time for a good clean up.

No matter if you’re Gordon Ramsay or someone who’s cooking for the first time, it is inevitable to get grease and oil up on countertops, stove knobs and the hood. These grease and oil build up over time, usually from an oversight or the improper cleaning tools and methods, leading to stubborn oil stains that get tougher to remove over time. Here at Rooma, we recommend the use of our kitchen degreaser, a cleaning solution perfect for tackling water insoluble oil that may be too tough for regular soap and water. Simply spray over the affected spots and give it a few minutes (don’t skip this!), before wiping it clean with a cloth. It is also handy for the interior of ovens which may have hardened burnt bits as well.

The enemy of grease is the kitchen degreaser.

The all-purpose cleaner, the Swiss Army knife of the kitchen cleaning supplies. Accidentally dripped some truffle oil on the countertop? Or spilled some of your favourite fishball soup on the kitchen table? Well, the easiest solution is none other than the all-purpose cleaner which can easily eliminate food residue. Just spray away at the affected spot, grab a cloth and wipe away! Better still, it does not leave residue so you do not need to rinse the area with water.

Surface cleaner, the multipurpose answer to life.

Of course, its not a kitchen if you don’t have cutlery and tableware for serving the food in! Nobody likes eating their dinner off oily or stained plates and that’s why a good dishwashing soap is essential to help you get your plates clean with minimal effort. We recommend a dishwashing liquid that is gentle on the skin, but tough on the oils on your plates post dinner. Simply rinse the plate to remove any leftover rogue food bits stuck to your crockery before applying the dishwashing liquid to a sponge. For very stubborn stains, leave the dishwashing liquid on for a longer time.

Easy rinsing dishwashing liquid reduces effort needed to wash plates!


In the bathroom, most people know to use a different product for the different areas of a toilet, but which product is the most effective for each area?

Tired of seeing rogue pee stains? Or annoyed by that stubborn stain in the toilet bowl that appeared out of nowhere? Turn the toilet back into your safe haven with a toilet bowl cleaner! A toilet bowl cleaner is essential to keeping your the toilet bowl sparkly clean and disinfect any stench producing bacteria. Simply apply or spray generously into the entire bowl (make sure you don’t miss any spots), and scrub away! Rooma's toilet cleaner is designed to keep your toilet smelling fresh and eliminate odor producing bacteria and ammonia smells.

Make your toilet smell great again!

Another common and essential cleaning tool is the mirror and glass cleaner, made to leave your mirrors and windows streak-free, especially the bathroom has so many reflective surfaces. No more ugly water stains or dull taps! Rooma's glass cleaner works on metal as well, removing water stains and other grime for a shining, streak free finish.

See your bright future with glass cleaners to polish all shiny surfaces

Living Room:

In the Living Room, products such as a surface cleaner, vacuum cleaner and a furniture polish are essential in maintaining the cleanliness.

When it comes to the living room, a common space used by the entire family and also to entertain guests, it is essential that we disinfect high-touch areas to protect our families from COVID-19. Simply use a surface cleaner to disinfect commonly used items by spraying generously over surfaces before wiping down with a towel. There are many types of surface cleaners out in the market now to serve the needs in your family. Here at Rooma, we offer different types of surface cleaners such as a pet and child friendly option, as well as an eco-friendly one. Else, a dedicated disinfectant that contains the chemicals to kill the covid-19 virus is also very useful.

Pine disinfectant is specifically formulated to eliminate the covid-19 virus.

Coming home to a dusty room sucks, but what sucks better? A vacuum cleaner! The vacuum cleaner is useful for cleaning up dust from the floor with the least amount of elbow grease. With the different types of vacuum cleaners in the market, from light handheld to large powerful, tagged with different types of nozzles capable of serving different purposes, its no wonder that the vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular cleaning tool out there. Just plug the vacuum cleaner into a power point, select an appropriate nozzle out and vacuum away!

A living room is not a living room without furniture to host your guests or a place to lounge around after a long day at work, that’s why it is essential for you to maintain the furniture in your living room. A furniture polish is a cleaning supply that can give your leather furniture a nice shine and prevent dust build up in the future! Simply spray or pour the solution onto a cloth and rub the solution into the furniture.


The Bedroom is meant to be a place of respite, so you want to keep it that way. Laundry detergent, fabric refresher, and scented sachets useful to create a peaceful and restful place.

Don’t keep the dirty laundry in your room piling up! Washing your clothes frequently will help to prevent a build up of unwanted smells and also ensure you have a fresh supply of clothes for the next working day! Wash bed sheets, pillow cases and bolsters on your bed regularly (that includes your smelly chou-chous too), to prevent dirt and smells from sticking to your bed! Using a good laundry detergent will help to remove any dirt from your laundry whilst keeping your clothes and your bed smelling fresh.

Remember to wash your bedsheets regularly to keep them smelling fresh!

In between washing your sheets, you may also choose to spray some fabric refresher on your pillows and mattresses. This will help to get rid of any stale smells and make your bedroom smell fresh and clean. Finally, give the floor a quick sweep and place a scented sachet in the wardrobe to prevent mouldy smells.

Now that you know which cleaning products to use in each area of your home, it's time to put that knowledge to good use! Start by taking a look at your cleaning supplies and seeing what all you have. Once you have an idea of what you're working with, take a look at our guide and see which products are best for each room.

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