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Introducing In-App Calls on Nimbus Homes

A Leap Forward in Customer Privacy and Convenience

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to the Nimbus Homes App: In-App Calls.

This feature is designed to enhance your experience with us, prioritising your privacy and simplifying communication.

What's New?

- Direct Calls to Service Crew:
No need to exit the app; call your crew directly from the 'Upcoming' section or through 'My Bookings'.

- Easy Access to Customer Service:
In-app calls include direct lines to our dedicated customer service team.

Why In-App Calls?

1. Upholding Your Privacy:
Your phone number remains private. We value your confidentiality and have designed this feature with your privacy in mind.

2. Streamlined Communication:
Whether it's last-minute instructions or a simple reminder, in-app calls make it quick and easy.

3. Enhanced Interaction with Crew:
Our crew can reach out to you for any necessary clarifications, ensuring a seamless service experience.

Availability & Compatibility:

This feature is exclusive to the Nimbus Homes App. While we strive for universal compatibility, please note that some legacy Android phone models may not support this feature. However, our chat function and traditional customer service channels remain available for everyone.

We believe that this new feature will greatly improve your experience with Nimbus Homes, offering a more integrated, private, and convenient way to manage your home services. 

Embrace the new era of home services with Nimbus Homes. Download the update now on App Store and Google Play!