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Nimbus Homes: Introduction of Distance & Demand Based Surcharge

As a progressive employer and service provider, Nimbus Homes is committed to ensuring that both our cleaning crew and customers have the best experience when delivering and booking our cleaning services respectively.

To work toward this, we have introduced a new distance-based and demand-based surcharge on some bookings to create a pleasant work experience for our cleaning crew, while continuing to provide excellent service levels to our customers.

Why Distance & Demand Based Surcharge?

Due to high booking demand, our cleaning crew members may be required to work long hours and travel long distances. 

To regulate the overwhelming demand for our crew members, and enable them to continue providing a high level of service delivery, Nimbus Homes has introduced distance-based and demand-based surcharges

With the introduction of distance-based and demand-based surcharge, booking prices may now be dynamically calculated in consideration of the crew member's availability and location.

Let Our System Best Assign The Worker For You At No Additional Surcharge

At Nimbus Homes, employee welfare and service excellence is of the utmost importance to us.

Rest assured, customers can still book available crew members nearer to their location without any additional surcharge by using the "choose any available crew" option.