Published On:
July 21, 2020

Secret Areas Where Dust Accumulates

Do you feel yourself sneezing when you move around your house? Previously, we discussed what exactly dust was and how it accumulated. Although most dust is highly visible and can be wiped away easily, there are also many secret corners that we may miss out during cleaning.

1. Under the bed and sofa 

Dust can accumulate under the bed

The ground is always where dust accumulates as dust falls from higher places. Even if your bed frame is low and near the ground, dust can get swept in and can get kicked up when the bed is shifted. Large pieces of furniture can hide dust.

Our housekeepers make sure to thoroughly vacuum under furniture (when it is reachable) so that dust will not get kicked up.

2. Top of shelves and cupboards 

The tops of shelves are above our eye level, and they are difficult to reach, and easy to forget about. But dust from wind and fans settle on high areas fast too. It's easy to neglect these high areas, so our housekeepers have special dusters to dust the spaces you might have forgotten about.

It's easy to neglect the tops of shelves

3. On books

You may clean your shelves on occasion, but one place we tend to forget is on top of the books in shelves. Paper fibre is one component of dust, so it's no wonder that the tops of books themselves accumulate dust.

Don't forget to dust the top of books

4. On trophies and knickknacks 

Decor gives your house a personal touch, but unfortunately, the more decor there is, the more likely dust will accumulate on all the nooks and crannies. Some decor may also be fragile and special attention would have to be paid to them while dusting. 

Decor items have to be dusted as well.

On kitchen appliances

The backs and tops of appliances in the kitchen frequently accumulate dust, especially if they’re rarely used. Plus, grease from the kitchen tends to accumulate too, making these spots greasy AND dusty. 

Greasy kitchen appliances need special degreasers and a lot of hard work - let us know if your kitchen needs degreasing.

Kitchen appliances can get dusty AND greasy

5. On blinds

Blinds, unlike curtains, can accumulate dust as they are horizontal. The tops especially tend to collect dust. Blinds should be dusted every few months to prevent dust from accumulating and being kicked up when the blinds are opened and closed.

Horizontal blinds can accumulate dust easily.

6. On window grills

Grills keep children and pets safe, but we forget that window grills also collect dust. Wind blowing through open windows deposit dust on the horizontal grills, and grills that are not opened frequently will accumulate dust over time.

Grills also collect dust

If these spots have been ignored for a long time, give your home a deep thorough clean with our deep cleaning packages, to thoroughly eliminate dust in these stubborn areas. Our part-time maids in Singapore are trained to dust these easy-to-miss spots thoroughly during regular housekeeping, to ensure proper maintenance of a dust free home.

Interested in routine house cleaning? Our professional home cleaning services in Singapore might be just what you need.