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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Gush Paints

When was the last time you repainted your house? Chances are, it’s time for a refresh. There’s a buffet of choices available in the market that can be both confusing and overwhelming. Here at Nimbus, we carry paints from both Gush and Nippon. While Nippon is a giant in the paint industry, it would be silly to ignore Gush, an up-and-coming Singaporean paint brand.

Who Is Gush?

Gush is an advanced materials company that innovates materials with the intention of cleaning your homes, and the world too. They entered the paint scene in 2017, with a novel idea. What if you could turn the largest surface area in your home – your walls and ceilings – into passive air-purifiers? At the heart of it, Gush is passionate about tackling the issue of indoor air pollution. Whether you suffer from respiratory issues or not, Gush paints can make a huge difference to your indoor air quality while being planet-friendly. 

What Are The Features Of Gush Paints? 

Gush’s flagship paint products boast 6 features in 1, formulated for holistic wellness. They’re air-purifying, toxic-free, anti-moulding, anti-bacterial, odourless and come with the option of stain-resistance or humidity control. That’s a lot of features for the price of 1. 

Which Gush Paints Should I Use? 

Whether you’ve specific concerns like high humidity, mould, or even the propensity for mess, Gush got you covered. We’ve broken down the details so you’ll know exactly which paints work best for your needs.

Gush Cair

Get yourself a paint that cares.

If humidity is your biggest enemy, Gush Cair is for you. With strong humidity-control, it works exceptionally well for those who live near water bodies like forests, rivers or reservoirs alike. Coupled with anti-moulding capabilities, the moisture control keeps mould well at bay. Always remember to treat any existing mould (with our Nimbus Homes Mould Removal Service) first before painting.

Gush Cair Fresh

Minty fresh walls are just a wipe away. 

If you’re particular about keeping your walls stain-free, Gush Cair Fresh is for you. From regular surface marks to food stains, we know accidents happen. Stay worry-free and stain-free — simply grab a lightly damp cloth and wipe. For tougher stains, a high polymer eraser or melamine sponge works. Especially great for family homes with young children or pets.

Gush Prepair

Partners in prime. 

Prime surfaces prior to painting for long-lasting picture perfect performance. Regardless of which Gush interior paint you use, Gush Prepair is highly recommended to create a solid white foundation while sealing off impurities.

A Winning Trifecta

For the absolute best results, use all 3 products in your home. Start with Gush Prepair as your reliable base. Then move on to Gush Cair Fresh for common areas such as your living room, playroom and kitchen. Finally, complete the trifecta with Gush Cair for moisture-prone areas like bedrooms, bathrooms and ceilings. But wait.. What if you need something simpler? 

Gush Core 

Get to the core of it. 

If you’re looking for an absolutely no-frills paint, Gush Core is the one for you. This emulsion paint has excellent alkali resistance and protects your walls from discolouration and chalking without all the other bells and whistles. Unlike traditional paints, Gush Core has ultra-low VOC content. 

Gush x Nimbus 

With Gush onboard as one of our paint partners, we couldn’t be more thrilled about spreading the message of sustainability and healthy indoor air. At Nimbus, we pay special attention to the finer details in your home. From cracks and crevices to ceilings and door frames – we’ve got all of your surfaces covered to perfection. With Gush by our side, we’ll be sure to transform your house into your dream home. 

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