Published On:
October 23, 2023

Where to Safely Recycle Your Electronic Waste

In Singapore, the rapid advancement of technology and high rates of electronic device consumption have contributed to an increase in e-waste generation. To address this issue, the Singaporean government has implemented various measures to promote proper e-waste management and recycling including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), E-waste Management System and more.

Where to recycle electronic waste in Singapore?

To properly recycle e-waste in Singapore, it is important to follow proper guidelines to ensure their safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

1. E-Waste Recycling Programme

Singapore has a well-established e-waste recycling program managed by the National Environment Agency (NEA). You can drop off your electronic products at designated e-waste recycling bins or collection points located at various locations such as shopping malls, community centres, and electronic stores. These bins are typically labelled with the "Recycling" symbol or the NEA logo.

2. Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS)

The Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS) in Singapore is a framework implemented by the government to encourage producers and importers to take responsibility for managing the waste generated by their products. Some manufacturers and retailers in Singapore have implemented PRS programs where they take responsibility for the disposal of their electronic products. Producers and importers often collaborate with recycling partners, such as recycling companies or waste management organizations, to implement effective recycling programs.

3. Manufacturer or Retailer Take-Back Programs

Some manufacturers and retailers have implemented take-back programs for their products. Check with the manufacturer or retailer of your ICT equipment to see if they offer collection or recycling services. They may have specific procedures for returning their products at the end of their lifespan.

4. Cash-for-Trash Programs

In Singapore, some organizations and recycling companies offer cash-for-trash programs where you can get monetary incentives for recycling certain items. Check with these programs to see if they accept TVs, printers, or electrical appliances and if they offer any incentives for their disposal.

Where to recycle small to medium appliances in Singapore?

When it comes to recycling small household appliances in Singapore, there are several e-waste recycling companies options available.

1. TES (Singapore) Pte Ltd

TES is a leading global provider of IT lifecycle services, including e-waste recycling. They have a facility in Singapore that specializes in the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of electronic waste. TES ensures that the e-waste they collect is handled in compliance with local regulations and international standards. They offer various services, including e-waste collection, data destruction, asset management, and recycling. In addition to small household appliances, TES accepts a wide range of electronic devices, such as computers, laptops, air pods, game consoles, mobile phones, and more.

2. Cimelia Resource Recovery

Cimelia is an established e-waste recycling company in Singapore. They focus on the environmentally responsible management of electronic waste, including small household appliances. Cimelia provides collection services for businesses and organizations, as well as drop-off points for individuals to recycle their e-waste. They have advanced recycling facilities and employ processes that comply with regulatory requirements. Cimelia also emphasizes data security and offers secure data destruction services.

3. Virogreen Singapore Pte Ltd

Virogreen is a prominent e-waste management and recycling company in Singapore. They specialize in the responsible disposal and recycling of various types of non-regulated e-waste, including small appliances. Virogreen offers collection services for businesses, schools, and organizations, ensuring that the collected e-waste is properly recycled or disposed of in compliance with environmental standards. They have multiple collection points and provide convenient recycling solutions.

4. Global Asset Recovery Pte Ltd

Global Asset Recovery is an e-waste recycling company that caters to both businesses and individuals in Singapore. They have expertise in handling electronic waste, including small household appliances, and ensure proper recycling and disposal. Global Asset Recovery offers collection services for businesses and organizations, as well as drop-off points for individuals. They focus on maximizing resource recovery and minimizing the environmental impact of e-waste.

5. Metalo International Pte Ltd

Metalo International specializes in metal recycling and also accepts e-waste for recycling in Singapore. They have a facility equipped with advanced recycling processes to recover valuable metals and materials from electronic waste. Metalo International accepts various types of electronic items, including small appliances, and ensures that they are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Where to find an e-waste recycling bin in Singapore?

To find e-waste bins in Singapore, you can utilize the following resources:

1. NEA's myENV App

The National Environment Agency (NEA) provides a mobile application called myENV, which includes a feature that allows you to locate recycling bins in Singapore. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can search for "myENV" in your device's app store and download it to access the e-waste bin locator.

2. NEA's Website

The NEA website provides information on recycling in Singapore, including the locations of e-waste recycling bins. You can visit the NEA website ( and search for "where to recycle" or similar keywords to find the relevant information. The website typically provides a list of bin locations by region or district.

3. Local Town Council

Singapore is divided into different town centres, each responsible for managing waste collection and recycling within their respective areas. You can contact your local town council's office or visit their website to inquire about the locations of e-waste recycling bins in your specific neighbourhood.

4. Recycling Companies and Retailers

Some e-waste recycling companies and retailers may have their e-waste collection points or bins. They often partner with manufacturers or participate in extended producer responsibility programs. You can check the websites or contact these companies and retailers to inquire about the availability of e-waste bins or drop-off points.

5. Community Centers and Malls

Many community centres and malls in Singapore have designated recycling bins, including e-waste bins, for public use. You can visit the community centres in your area or check with the management of nearby malls to inquire about the presence of e-waste bins.

Where to recycle microwave ovens in Singapore?

Several e-waste recycling companies in Singapore specialize in the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste, including microwave ovens. These companies ensure that the microwave ovens are dismantled and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. They may have dedicated drop-off points or offer collection services. Research and contact e-waste recycling companies in Singapore to inquire about their services and procedures for disposing of microwave ovens.

Where to recycle batteries in Singapore?

Batteries come in various types, including alkaline batteries (e.g., AA, AAA), rechargeable batteries (e.g., NiMH, Li-ion), portable batteries, and lead-acid batteries (e.g., car batteries). Each type of battery may have specific recycling requirements, so it's essential to differentiate and handle them accordingly. Public Waste Collectors (PWCs), responsible for residential waste collection in Singapore, may include battery recycling as part of their household recycling programs. They may distribute battery recycling bags or provide specific collection procedures for batteries. Check with your local PWC or refer to their guidelines to learn about battery recycling options available in your residential area.

Where to recycle washing machines in Singapore?

Washing machines contain metal components that can be recycled. Scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore accept large appliances for recycling purposes. They will dismantle the washing machine, separate the various materials, and recycle them accordingly. Research and contact scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore to inquire about their services and procedures for recycling washing machines.

Bulky e-waste recycling

The local town councils in Singapore provide bulk waste collection services. You can contact your respective town council to schedule a collection for your large bulky items. They typically have specific guidelines and procedures for booking a collection. The town council will assign a date for the collection, and you will need to place the items outside your residence for pickup. Certain items may not be accepted for bulk waste collection or disposal due to safety or environmental concerns. Examples include hazardous materials, liquids, chemicals, gas cylinders, and biological waste. Check with the relevant authorities or service providers for a list of restricted items and alternative disposal methods for such materials.

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Data Security

Before disposing of personal mobility devices, it is crucial to ensure that any personal or sensitive data is securely erased. Perform a factory reset or use data-wiping tools to remove all personal information from the device.

Final Words

By participating in e-waste recycling programs and following proper data removal practices, you can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste in Singapore. Recycling e-waste helps conserve resources, prevent pollution, and promote a circular economy by recovering valuable materials from discarded electronic devices.