Published On:
February 21, 2022

Life After Covid: Is home disinfection necessary?

Home disinfection after covid recovery

By now, most of us have had several family and friends contract Covid-19. Luckily, most symptoms are not severe and we are largely advised to stay at home and isolate the sick individual in a room with an attached toilet for 7 days or until the person tests negative. However, what do you do with the room once the person has finished this isolation period? Is it necessary to disinfect the house after someone comes down with Covid-19?

The challenges of home disinfection

NEA has provided recommendations and guidelines to disinfect the room after Covid recovery. These guidelines detail the chemicals, PPE and technique to be used on different areas and surfaces. This can be an arduous, time consuming task which we may not have the energy for, especially after dealing with the struggles of Covid-19. In addition to the Covid-19 virus itself, after some length of confinement in a room, the room is also likely to be extra dusty and dirty.

What should home disinfection cover?

Disinfection of toilet

As a first step, our home disinfection mists the air to kill any airborne bacteria and viruses and to improve air quality of the room. As per the NEA guidelines, all surfaces and especially high touch points should be wiped clean with disinfectant, and then again with water afterwards. Toilets have to be disinfected extra carefully as they are likely to harbour the most bacteria. Rooms should be ventilated and wiping motions should prevent splashing or creating aerosols in the air to reduce risk of transmission. Our disinfection also includes a thorough wipedown of all surfaces such as cupboards and shelves to remove all accumulated dust and dirt that can cause illness.

In addition, the waste generated has to be disposed of carefully with double bagging and sealing to prevent contamination.

Our disinfection crew will bring an arsenal of disinfection equipment, chemicals and tools in order to properly disinfect your house.

The Pros of Home Disinfection

Even though your family member may have recovered, there are still likely to be dead viruses, dust and other irritants around the room, which can affect the family's health. Disinfection is also particularly useful if you have family members with lowered immunity, such as children, elderly, or immunocompromised individuals. This prevents other irritants from making them ill afterwards. You can feel at ease with our home disinfection warriors who are trained and certified, who will follow NEA's guidelines to disinfect your home.

Disinfection of common areas

Some choose to disinfect only the isolation area where the sick individual was isolated. If you wish to err on the side of caution or if you have vulnerable individuals, you may wish to disinfect the whole house as well to ensure a fresh start. Plus, if you missed out on any deep cleaning earlier in the year, our home disinfecting covers a similar scope.

The Cons of Home Disinfection

A one time disinfection is a short term measure. Although a thorough disinfection and deep cleaning can refresh a home, dust and dirt will build up again over time. If you find it a hassle to maintain cleanliness in your home, we recommend regular housekeeping or hiring a part time maid to assist you in keeping your home clean and germ free.

Our Disinfection Expertise

We are certified by NEA to provide disinfecting services. Nimbus Facility Services, our commercial cleaning arm, has strong expertise and experience disinfecting commercial spaces since 2020 and we bring the same expertise to Rooma in your home disinfecting.

We have strong expertise in home disinfection

If you have had a positive Covid case at home, book our disinfection service today for a fresh start.

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